FEDZ Movie Soundtrack Sampler


Hosted By DJ Ames Feat Squingy K Koke DVS One-DA Giggs Exo and many more… – Straight UK Heat!

FEDZ Movie Soundtrack Sampler Hosted By DJ Ames


1.Intro –  FEDZ MOVIE

2.Why -Squingy ft K Koke & lefty

3.Captain Of Trappin – Budda

4.From The UK – Squingy ft Lefty & Exo

5.Police – J Spades ft Giggs & Margs

6.On Top Of The Game – Meeks ft Exo & Squingy

7.Power – K Koke  mixed with  – You Know The Voice – Geko

8.They Call Me E.X.O – Exo

9.Go-Cisive – Incisive ( with intro from FEDZ MOVIE)*

10.Deeper – Squingy

11.Crazy World – DVS  ft Jaja Soze

12. Walking Into The Light – Squingy ft Ari

13.That’s Who I Am – Jaja Soze ft Steelo (with outro from FEDZ MOVIE)

14.We’ll Never Know – Logic & Last Resort  ft Maverick Sabre, Akala & Big Frizzle

15.Step To The Top – Squingy ft Sky

16.Gotta Be That Bad – Reazon

17.My City – Young Mad B ft Squingy & Exo (with intro from FEDZ MOVIE)

18.My Riddim – One-da

19.Ride Out – Incisive ft Kadija Kamara

20.One Dance – Rick Clarke ft Don-E (with outro from FEDZ MOVIE)

21.Nightmare – J Spades

22.Rapture – Haze

23.Oi – Danso ft SAS, Klayz, Dary Gold & Incisive

24.Smile – Joe Black

25.Turn It Up – Danso (with intro from Fedz Movie)

26.Antony On The Beat

27.Frigid – Fem Fel ft Splurgeboys (with outro from FEDZ MOVIE)

28.Never That – Logic & Last Resort

29.Hero – Fem Fel ft Kurt Collins (with outro from FEDZ MOVIE)

30.Shout Outs – from TOP DOG director of FEDZ MOVIE


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DJ Ames


2010 & 011 Southern Entertainment Award (SEA) Winner For Impact DJ Of The Year

2009 Southern Entertainment Award (SEA) Winner For Best Host On A Mixtape


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