Inti fest 2013 Peru ‘Dance For The Planet’


Inti Festival Peru 2013 – Saturday 16th February
‘Dance For The Planet’
A Celebration Of The Nazca Culture

Presented By 4BeatsPeru
Over 20 Artists Including Josh Wink, Lee Burridge
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts, Reboot
Dan Berkson & James What, Droog, Clive Henry
Bill Patrick & Many More

Inti festival is a unique experience, marrying cultural, ecological and  music in one of the most diverse climates of the world. Running since  2010 on the beautiful Asia beach, just outside of Lima, the capital of Peru, Inti festival communicates elements of the rich history of the country  while educating its attendees on global issues through eco art projects,  all the while showcasing the finest electronic music from the  underground heroes of the world.


This year’s Inti fest will focus on water, educating on the fascinating  Peruvian culture and inviting those in attendance to ‘Dance For The  Planet’ and appreciate mother earth. The fourth episode will bring over twenty local and international artists to  the event. Bringing superstar DJs such as Ovum techno maestro Josh  Wink to globetrotter Lee Burridge, alongside technical wizards Adultnapper, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts fresh from his last album  on Circus Company, and Dan Berkson & James What, a duo famed for  stealth releases on hot labels Poker Flat and Crosstown Rebels.

Another  charmer from the Rebels camp, Clive Henry will perform as well as the  dexterous Bill Patrick and Visionquest’s latest album star, Cesar Merveille and his Cadenza label mate, Reboot. Inti fest brings artists from all corners of the globe with Droog stepping up from Los Angeles, Geddes and Anthea coming in from their London base to debut at the event, the  Israeli Wolf + Lamb wonder Maayan Nidam and French electronic partnership Masomenos will play alongside local artists such as Lima  resident Jay Haze, Andres Dyer and many more.



As one of the only events in Lima to take place on a beach, Inti has a  focus on conservation with incentives for the minimisation of waste  including EcoArt, a call to artists and collectives to develop proposals to  recycle plastic collected throughout the year in a project called ‘I  Collaborate’. Five winners will be awarded areas within the festival for  their environmental projects. 3R Market invites artists to showcase and sell unique, affordable and ecological artistic products that are at least 80% recycled. There is a  chance to learn about indigenous communities in association with  IAPICC. The third largest ethnic group in the country, Shipibo that have a  vast cultural and linguistic diversity will give talks on their experiences in their own communities, speaking about the way they see the world always living in harmony with our planet.

Reusable cups purchased at the gate are the only option for drinking  aside from bottles. Free water, beer or soft drinks will be given in
exchange for every ten empty bottles returned. A large 3km beach  clean will be undertaken following the event in March to maximize the  ecological message and minimize the problem of marine pollution.

Ancient Peruvians uplifted their spirits through music to connect their  awareness with the natural world. They used it to communicate with their  gods, demonstrate gratitude and implore the fearful God of the Water who fertilizes the Pachamama (the Mother Earth) to irrigate their plants  and crops.  As it was for them, music is also the offering at Inti Fest. Its programme continually presents artists at the forefront of electronic dance music with  previous guests including Soul Clap, Heidi and Steve Bug. For the 4th

edition of the festival, 4Beats Peru will once again place key figures from  the history of the dance landscape alongside some of the most exciting  emerging artists.

The 2013 Inti Fest also explores the enigmatic Nazca, a pre Incan ancient  culture that inhabited Peru between 100BC and 600AC. The Nazca gave focus to the basic element of life, water, considered by the ancient  Peruvians to be supernatural. They flourished on the coastal plain of  Southern Peru and are infamous for the Nazca lines, a set of geometrical  designs that depict animals and human figures, some of which are a few  hundred metres wide and only viewable by air.


Inti’s focus on water is in line with the Nazca culture as they habited an  extremely arid land and evidence suggests their methods of irrigation  and survival tactics worsened the effects of the extreme droughts and  flooding they experiences, perhaps responsible for wiping out the  population so becoming one of the earliest cultures to experience the  onset of manmade climate change. The Chacana space in the centre  of the festival will host information on the Nazca culture.

The ancient rituals of Peru were linked to the concept of “ayni”, an assumption that states it’s essential for one to give in order to receive. This  was the essence of how they practiced life and understood the world. Inti Fest mimics these core values and concepts, a festival that  celebrates nature through music and acts as a modern representation of this gratefulness for Mother Earth.


National and international artists confirmed to date (AZ):
Adultnapper (USA) [Scissor & Thread]
Andrés Dyer (PER) [4beats Perú]
Anthea (UK) [Brouqade / Desolat / One Records]
Bill Patrick (USA) [Supplement Facts]
Branko Bojovic’ (PER)
Cesar Merveille (FRA) [Cadenza]
Clive Henry (UK) [Crosstown Rebels]
Dan Berkson & James What (UK) [Poker Flat Recordings]
Denizer (PER)
Droog (USA) [Culprit]
Fausto Gaidolfi (PER)
Felipe Salmón (PER)
Geddes (UK) [Mulletover / Nofistate]
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts (CA/DE) [Circus Company]
Jay Haze (USA) [Contexterrior / Tuning Spok]

Jose Elias Wated (ECU)
JoseLuis Tapia (PER)
Josh Wink (USA) [Ovum]
Lee Burridge (UK) [All Day I Dream]
Maayan Nidam (ISR) [Cadenza]
Masomenos (FRA) [Masomenos / Circus Company]
Reboot (DE) [Cadenza]
Rodrigo Villanueva (PER) [4beats Perú]


INTI Ticket LIMA BUS Tu Entrada of Plaza and Vivanda
Return: S/.30 + commission
Departure: Ricardo Palma University (Gate 7 – Av The Nazarene) 12pm – 7:30pm
Return: Main Beach Parking the Rosary (Pasamayito km 103 Panamericana Sur)
From 4:00am until 7:30am
There will be buses that will leave the boulevard from Asia to the FESTIVAL from
12:30pm until 4am. The cost per trip is 5 soles (one-way).
Contact Information
Office: Av. San Luis 2938 – San Borja
Phone 51 1 2257169
Nextel 51*105*7383

Tickets On Sale Now
From 75 – 115 Peru Sol / £18 – 28 (until 18thJan)
Max price 250 Sol / £61

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