Introducing: Alan Bonner // Brand new album, Balladeer, out March 4th, 2013


Alan Bonner is a singer-songwriter based in London. After leaving his small village in Suffolk for the bright lights of London at 18, Alan has spent the past few years writing, recording and playing at venues across the UK and Europe, all the while penning lyrics on beer mats and bashing out chords on a beaten Piano.

His new album is bursting with pathos filled ballads that are earnest, beautifully crafted and laced with nostalgic yearning for a simpler time.  Bonner proves he’s a master singer songwriter, weaving shimmering narratives and smoky melodies that linger heavy with melancholy into glorious harmonious poetry.

Since graduating from the Brighton Institute of Modern Music in 2007, Bonner’s emotionally charged live shows have left audiences stunned, not only by the intensity of his performances and quality of his voice, but by the honesty and confessional nature of his songs. Having supported acts such as Fyfe Dangerfeild, David Ford, In Me, Goldheart Assembly, and Sons of Noel and Adrian, he has built up a loyal following and has played at festivals throughout the UK including Oxjam, Global Gathering and Brighton Live.

Bonner has taken his music overseas, playing a cluster of shows in Australia in 2010, and embarking on a European Tour in 2011 covering the UK, Italy and Germany. When back in Britain, he often gigs on the London circuit, immersing himself in London’s thriving Brit-Folk scene. 2008 saw the independent release of Alan Bonner‘s debut album Songs for the Heart Shaped, which is available from all major digital music retailers, as well as in physical format at selected UK stores. Alan Bonner’s songs have also been featured in UK Drama series The Glue, and the short film and TV pilot His Uterus, Her Lover.


Listen to / Embed Alan Bonner’s track “Lighthouse Song” below:

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