Michael Leon feat B.Slade | Hip Hop Memoirs


Michael Leon feat B.Slade | Hip Hop Memoirs

22 year old recording artist Michael Leon teams up with US hit singer / producer B.Slade (Jessie J, Amber Riley, Redd Stylez) to present his outstanding new single ‘Hip Hop Memoirs’.

With countless industry insiders supporting his cause, this Mancunian born “Green Eyed Soul” sensation (an intricate fusion of Conscious Rap, Neo Soul and Jazz) is more than just your average artist. His rapping, singing and songwriting skills are only a fragment of his great talent. Michael has been inspired by a variety of artists from soul legends such as Nina Simone to modern day greats such as Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu and to international icons such as Bob Marley. He even sites Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi in his diverse list of musical influences. These influences have enabled him to develop such a rich and signature style, one that no other artist can claim.

Michael Leon has been in the music industry for seven years and takes his craft very seriously, fine tuning each instrument and every minute detail to make his music sound exactly the way it needs to … authentic and original. Throughout his time in the industry, Michael has explored with different sounds and has now found his niche, “Green Eyed Soul”, a sound that he can call his own. Prior to his recent transformation, Michael was an established grime artist known as MenaCe. During his time as a grime artist he was a regular on local and national radio, making appearances on BBC 1xtra, Unity Radio and WFM.

After making a name for himself in the grime scene, Michael decided to leave the genre to truly focus on his real passion, one that lay deep in Neo Soul, Jazz and blues influenced conscious rap.

‘Hip Hop Memoirs’ is the brand new release from Michael, and sees him team up with Grammy nominated singer / producer / songwriter B.Slade to present a powerful ode to classic hip hop. Released on the anniversary of the death of legendary Biggie Smalls, the single celebrates those who have lived and died in hip hop, with Michael breaking down his personal attachment to the genre the world has come to know and love.

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