Ministry of Sound – Wins battle to prevent a 4 storey tower block from being constructed next to it!


Ministry of Sound has recently won a massive battle to prevent a 41 storey tower block from being built next to the home they have had for the last twenty years. They had to prevent this tower block from being built as the development could of led to Ministry of Sound’s closure as a club!

The planning committee at Southwark council voted five to nil, against the proposal for the tower block. With one abstention which aimed to build the 255 flats that where proposed to be built opposite the club in an area that is mainly commercial and at the moment has no residential property. Ministry of Sound had fears that is the tower block of flats proposal was to go ahead that it would have prompted complaints about the noise and nuisance from the nightclub. The bosses of the club believed that this would have led to the night club loosing its licence and being shut down.

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