The track ‘Marvin & Chardonnay’ is the fourth track taken from Mynature¹s forthcoming mixtape: ‘The Beginning’. The aim of the mixtape is to introduce Mynature to the world before releasing his own original material in January. Marvin & Chardonnay (Middle Finger) sees Mynature discussing getting up, going out and hustling to make money.

The song chronicles the way that the police get in the way of this. This is a song and a theme that everyone can relate to. If you¹ve been pulled over by the police when on your way to an important meeting or for a trivial reason, when simply trying to get from A to B this tune will resonate with you. Every Monday Mynature will release a new video from his mixtape as part of his Myni-Mondays series.

The mixtape: The Beginning will be released on November 28th 2011 from

A walking contradiction Mynature is a loveable rogue. Full of energy one cant help but be caught up in his Tasmanian devil like energy, passion and lust for life. Ever quick to share his thoughts and opinions on everything and anything from the way the country is being run by the government to the greatest lyrics of all time it is impossible not to like him, and most importantly to feel like you are in the presence of a superstar when you are with him.

Having been a street hustler from his teenage years, Mynature was sentenced to 6 years in jail, having his older brother pass away due to an unexpected heart attack, being shot at when attempting to leave the crime life behind makes Mynatures life play out like a movie. Now he hopes to secure a place at the top table with Hip Hop¹s elite as he pursues his dream of a career in rap.

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