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MYNC has been producing quality house music for years. Sometimes alone, or sometimes with the help of the likes of Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero, it’s always music which manages to find its way to the top of some Beatport chart and has such appeal it sees MYNC get booked to play all over the world at clubs such as Ministry of Sound (London), Home (Sydney), Pacha (New York), Space (Miami), Sanctuary (Dubai) and Ibiza’s greatest super-clubs such as Space and Pacha.  It comes on member Mark Brown’s own hot house imprint Cr2 and this week they are playing for Kinky Malinki on Friday at the brand new Sankeys in Ibiza alongside Tom Novy and Tristan Ingram. We caught up with him for more…

Give us an MYNC update… where you at?

Well I’ve got some gigs coming up in Ibiza in the next few weeks at Sankeys on 18th July and with Roger Sanchez at his Release Yourself night on 19th July. Roger and I  have got a collab coming out called House Nation so stay tuned for that. In August I’m off on a whistle-stop 2 week tour of Australia and then I will have my first ever gig in Albania which I’m really excited about. I’m just finishing up the Space Ibiza 2011 album at the moment as well which will be out in July.


Describe what people can expect from one of your shows…

From an MYNC show you can expect good energetic fresh house music with lots of new tracks and hopefully a crowd full of people dancing! music and hopefully a crowd full of people


And tell us about the set up, the sort of kit you use etc…

3 CDJ 2000s & 1 DJ M 900 normally.


How much time do you spend preparing stuff and practicing for one of your live shows?

Every day we are listening to music as we work in A&R we seem to be forever downloading and listening to demos. We are really busy so we don’t really have time to practice but our mixing styl is more instinctive and off the cuff anyway, it’s based around reading the crowd and you can’t plan for the way a crowd will react if you practice at home. The most important thing is that we know all the tracks that we will be playing in our set.


How do crowds around the world differ? Do they react in the same way to all your music or do different places like different aspects of your music?

Of course it’s a different reaction depending on where you’re playing, as the style of House music people appreciate varies. But the breakdowns and our style of House is generally liked across the board. We do play to our crowds though so if for instance if you’re playing on the Space Terrace you can expect more underground house grooves but at other venues we may play a more big room sound.


Where do the ideas come from for your productions? Are they made as reflections of you or for the dance floor or because you have a certain melody in your head or…?

Just everyday life really, anything can inspire you be it an experience or a piece of music, anything. We make a broad range of music, we make it for ourselves and other DJs to play on their dance floors around the world. We get a vibe going in the studio, make a track then test it in the clubs and tweak it accordingly


What is it that makes Ibiza so special you think?

Wow, so many things! Firstly it’s the history of the island and the importance that it’s had in the development of dance music. Secondly the crowd, people come from all over the world to party and because they love music and this creates a special vibe which you can’t find anywhere else in the world and really has to be experience to be appreciated. Then the island itself, it’s just beautiful the beaches, the sunsets and Formentara near by…amazing.


How long you been coming? What are some of your favourite memories?

Years! Well recent memories are being struck down with food poisoning before a gig at the beginning of the season and missing 4 flights home! Haha  Playing at he Space opening party this year was great though great vibe and good to catch up with old friends like Mark Knight.


What else you working on?

We’ve got lots on at the moment actually, as I mentioned the Space Ibiza 2011 CD coming out in July. We’ve also recently launched our weekly radio show Cr2 Live & Direct which is broadcast on national radio in over 29 countries and is expanding by the week with massive guest mixes and interviews with Avicii, Erick Morrillo & Eddie Thoneick, Roger Sanchez & Swanky Tunes to name but a well as the best in new and emerging talent. So we’re really excited about that and we’ve also released our own Ibiza 2011 compilation as well as Bora Bora, Blue Marlin and Café Mambo.


Who are you on the daily, outside of music?

I’m never outside of music, I am always involved somehow!

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