Dubstep DJ Rusko and Canadian superstar Deadmau5 have clashed over drugs again as the former admits he’s “taking a fuck-load” of booze and opiates.

In a recent interview the 27-year-old said:

“I always make sure everyone’s been getting fucked before I get on stage.”

Deadmau5 has a totally different attitude. The Candian says drugs “upsets” him, telling fans,

“It’s not cool. Be responsible for fuck’s sake.”

“I know what’s going on at my own shows. I’m wearing this mouse head and I’m watching kids get carried out by paramedics over the front rail while I’m playing. Sometimes I just want to stop the show. It’s not cool to me. It upsets me.”

Mau5’s says his outlook is influenced by his roots:

“I come from a low-income family. Now I’m worth millions and I feel I have to justify that. I would hate someone to believe I’m making millions and just bottle-popping”

Bottle-popping is exactly what Rusko’s doing.

The English producer has been downing a litre of vodka a night for nearly a month:

“I’m just necking it out the bottle. I have to drink to get myself in the right frame of mind”

Rusko also revealed that his 2012 album ‘Songs’ was fulled by Prometazine codeine syrup, an opiate-laden cough syrup, also known as “purple drank”. He’s even taken Rohypnol, “dating raping himself”, to make tracks.

The two first clashed in 2010 over drugs when Mau5 objected to Rusko smoking a joint backstage. Two years later and there’s still no hope for reconcillation: “Once I hate someone, I hate ‘em forever”, declared Rusko.

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