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25-year-old Skripture is an artist, musician and producer from West London with no musical boundaries.  Coming from a musical family he has been in the music industry from his teens and has already got an impressive resume in the industry as producer and a musician. 

He was a founding member of the collective ‘The Truth MoveMENT’, that had the likes of  ‘Michael Kiwanuka’ & ‘Angel’ as its members and is a member of trans-Atlantic urban rock group ‘The Score’. He’s produced for ‘Bashy’, ‘IAM1’ & ‘Saukrates‘ and shared the stage with so many of the music industry’s elite.

It’s only in the past year or so that Skripture has taken his solo material and the craft of rapping and singing seriously.  Having always been a behind the scenes as a musician or producer it was the encouragement from musical peers that made him switch his attention to his own career and take lead. Listening to Skripture you will see his influences are diverse.

He is as experimental as ‘The Beatles’, as soulful and pure as ‘JDilla’ and as verbally sharp and aggressive as ‘Wiley’ with a powerful and melodic singing tone similar to ‘Phonte’.

Many would pigeonhole Skripture as a Hip Hop artist with a lot of soul but he would just say it’s his interpretation of music with no boundaries. Over the past year Skripture released a free mixtape called ‘Skripture Sunday’s’, his interpretation of other peoples tracks and has supported ‘Kele Le Roc’ on the live circuit.

2012 has seen Skripture work with Canadian legends Saukrates and Slakah The Beatchild, Ben Langmaid (La Roux) and expect collabs with Skillit and Junia-T as well as more from his camp The Presence. This year also saw Skripture get praise from Shortee Blitz (The Kiss Hip Hop Show), community radio stations around the country and many blogs as well as MTV Brand New shortlisting him to the Unsigned list of 2013.


You have just release your debut self-produced single Bark (Back It Up), where did you get the idea for this single?

It began with the production. Each track idea can stem from anything whether it be a lyric, conceptual or a real life situation for example, but with “Bark” it began with the beat. I’d used a “Woof” (Bark) sample in the production itself and that is what sparked the concept, which lead to me adding in the “Back It Up” part. Then being lyrical i realised the amount of potential meanings, word play and metaphors that could be used with the whole phrase and so i ran with it from there.


You have a mainly Hip Hop style, who would you say have been your biggest influences towards your musical style?

That’s difficult to answer as I knew listeners from hearing the debut would assume I’m solely a hip hop artist and my intention was to slowly let them find out who i am, what i do & what I’m capable of over time. So a lot of influences i’d name, most people, especially in this new generation, wouldn’t know them as well as obvious artist’s like Jay Z, Dizze Rascal, Nas, Wiley, Lauryn Hill, Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder etc. But there are also people like, Me’shell N’degecello, Raphael Saddiq, D’angelo etc who are more niche artist but still have a heavy influence on my music.


You have released this single on an independent label called ‘No Help No Handouts’, can you tell me a little bit more about this?

Well, a good friend of mine who happens to be my manager, let me know about the Label he was starting with two friend’s of his. They made their proposal for my first single from my mixtape and i accepted. I’m up for doing anything to help a friend build their dreams and support good music so naturally it seemed a good thing to do.


What can we expect to hear from you over the following months and where can you see the direction of you music going?

You can expect to hear more of me, which will become more clear over time, but that’s just basically more music. I would like to keep it as honest and true to myself and who i am and if so, you’ll hopefully see my music reaching a wider audience and showing the world the different talents the UK has to offer.


You have produced for ‘Bashy’, ‘IAM1’ & ‘Saukrates‘ and shared the stage with so many of the music industry’s elites. What has been the favourite and most special part of your career so far?

One of my most favourite parts for me in my career is performing live! The Royal Albert Hall, Indigo 02 & Jaxx Cafe have to be stand out points for me. I started as a live musician playing Bass Guitar when i was 7 so i think that why it means so much to me performing my own songs, written and produced in my bedroom (I know it sounds cliche, lol) and hearing thousands enjoy it and sing it back to you is indescribable! Another special part is hearing that same song playing on the radio, another priceless moment for an artist/producer. People would think it would working with big name artist like Basement Jaxx, Will.iAm, Pussycat Dolls etc, but as you get more into the industry, your own material’s achievements mean a lot more to you.


Can you tell MusicFix anything we can expect to see and hear from you over the summer of 2013?

You should expect me to have “T’was Written Vol 1″ which is the mixtape “Bark (Back It Up)” was taken from, fully out by Summer 2013 alongside a few more sinlges and videos from it. More features/collaborations, vocal & production wise with Sakarutes etc alongside more live performances and just me in your face more time, lol. More music is my motto, so look out for me in 013’!


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