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Hi Solomun, thanks for taking the time to speak to us away from your busy Ibiza schedule, how is everything going so far this summer are you enjoying your 10 week residency at Sankeys so far?

It’s my first time on the island with our label. We’ve had two great nights so far. I’m super happy with our neon night concept – we have paintings throughout the night and the crowd are clearly into it, because they started to ask for more. They all do it to themselves and each other, it creates a fun familiar vibe. The only problem is I’ve only spent one day on the beach, this was not the plan, would have liked to relax a little bit more!



You’ve already been busy this year playing the Miami Winter Music Conference, Brazil, Garden Party Croatia and Ibiza – what have been your favourite moments so far this year?

It’s always hard to give a fair answer to this questiom, because I’m fortunate enough to play at so many great clubs and events. Sure, Warung beach club [in Brazil] is always a highlight. Garden festival was also super nice or the 10 year Watergate open air party in Berlin.



Do you notice a big difference when playing to different cultures around the world, do you play different set styles for different countries?

There are some differences, but i mostly play in spots and clubs where they know what to except, because they come for me or the Diynamic brand. But besides that I wouldn’t change my sound so much – when I have to play more techy or one, two more peak time tracks, that is not a problem as long as it feels right.



How would you describe ‘your sound’ – what are your major musical influences right now?

I spoke to ‘interview magazine‘ and the journalist introduced me as being known for a girlytechno sound. Ok, why not!? I would rather describe it as more colourful – from deep sexy basslines with some funky house to some indie influenced stuff. I love the journey you can take on the night.



You have quite a close team around you with your lifelong friend Adriano co-running your label (Diynamic) and your sister managing your Hamburg Club Ego. How important are the people around you, do you think it’s important to create a strong team/network before starting out as a DJ/Producer?

I think the team network came together over time, in the beginning you have to do it mostly on your own. I have to admit that it is sometimes not so easy to bring it all together, but managing is everything. I have a great partner who takes care of the label work mostly. We have four other people who work for us in the office, for both the label and the club. My sister managing mostly the club, she takes care of the bar and logistics stuff… And she’s there every weekend. So I have enough time to produce music. Hmm, Sometimes! Still less time than I would like though!



How is your influence seen across the artists signed with your label, Diynamic – do you give much input or instead give your artists creative freedom to create their own sound?

It’s always a long way to the final product. We don’t try to change the track, but I talk very much with the artist until we are both happy. We keep the style and feeling, but sometimes you have the feeling that is not 100 %. So we try to make the best of it. I always say to them, this is the track we signed and we love, so let’s just work it out so it’s as good as it can be and everyone’s happy.


You’ve previously talked about the importance of charity and highlighted this with your 5 year compilation charity CD, do you think that the music industry in general could/should do more in terms of giving back?

This is something you could ask of a lot of other industries as well. I know there are lot of other people who do good things right but maybe not enough. This was our personal thing and very important to us. Normally I don’t like to make a big deal out of giving to charity, because you generally do that kind of thing for your own peace of mind and because you want to do it. For the case of the compilation, we wanted to promote it as much as possible so more people would buy it legally.



Beyond Diynamic you pioneered your newest label- 2DiY4, can you tell us a little more about Diynamics little sister?

2DIY4 is Diynamics little sister, but stands with its own profile. It’s a playground for every kind of music style, very open minded. I’m really proud of that and there will be some more big tunes really soon on 2DIY4. Besides a second new EP from Pool, we also have a request from The Teenagers.



You decided to establish your label and nightclub in Hamburg, is there a reason that you didn’t locate yourself in the electronic music capital of Berlin?

I live and grew up in Hamburg. That’s the only reason why.



Deep house has accelerated in popularity over the last few years and seems to be still growing, where do you see the mainstream going in the years to come?

I can only say that the mainstream we have now is horrible.



What is your best advice for up-and-coming DJ’s to succeed?

There is no big piece of advice. Believe in yourself. Do your homework and fingers crossed.



You’re a DJ, a Producer, nightclub owner and a label boss, what’s next for your business empire? 

Maybe diynamic burger! haha



And finally, if you got stuck on a desert island with some solar powered decks/speakers and could only have 3 records to play for the rest of your life, what would they be?

For sure I’d need some classic music, maybe beethoven symphony no 9 or something in that direction.


Interviewer: Conrad Sean Thornton, Chief Editor, –
Interviewing: Solomun

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