Victoria Warehouse presents Visionquest THIRTEEN


Visionquest’s THIRTEEN comes to Victoria Warehouse on Saturday 27th April.


The stated aim of the Visionquest Thirteen project will be to use “innovative production concepts and cutting-edge technology” to create unique clubbing experiences. Inspired by the recent passing of the Maya Long Count calendar—which some prophesised as the end of the world and others saw as a new beginning—the collective of Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, Shaun Reeves, and Ryan Crosson will play live and DJ at a series of 13 parties at various locations across the globe. “Visionquest Thirteen is a chance for the boys and I to go back to what we do best: playing and hanging out together the way we used to and coming up with new ideas,” Curtiss said. “The twist on doing these 13 special events is that we will be pushing the level of production and music up further than we had originally imagined.”
On Saturday the 27th April, Visionquest’s THIRTEEN comes to Victoria Warehouse and is the only opportunity to witness the four playing as a collective and together only they will steer the musical voyage from the start to finish. They will also be joined by their friends and extended family members TALE OF US, DINKY and LAURA JONES.


Tickets will be going on sale tomorrow (Friday 15th March) at 9am via this ink:

Tickets are in high demand for this event, and are limited to 4 per person.

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