WΞLL$ Interview


People have been preaching the death of hip-hop for quite some time now. However, there have been a handful of young emcees that would beg to differ. Well$, the rapper, from Charlotte North Carolina belongs in this class of rhyme spitters who want to revitalize the hip-hop scene. Although Well$ has been rapping since the age of 9, the 18 year old rapper has only just recently started his career as a recording artist. After listening to his EP titled $ay La V, you can tell that his talent is undeniable. Influenced by the post-Kanye approach to rap, Well$ music is a hybrid of personal narratives, braggadocios lyrics, and social concerns. Thus in Well$ you’ll find that self-contradictory message that is common to all of humanity. Be that as it may, Well$ is a promising young artist who’s music will be hard to ignore. In his own words, “I just want to make music that everybody can like and feel” He accomplishes it quite beautifully.

You have been raping since the age of 9, what made you want to start rapping in the first place?

Umm it’s actually started kinda like a joke. One day my cousins asked me to freestyle. And they said it sounded pretty tight and they actually forced me to just do Christian rap haha but from then up until the age of 14 I would just do some freestyle. But when I turned 15 my mom got arrested due to her immigration status and so did my producer Alec Lomami. That’s when I really started to write to get shit out of my chest. Then my Producer /cousin Alec Lomami and Michael Zayiir and me decided to start immaculate Taste. And here I am today.


How would you describe you style of rap?

Pretty much there’s a heavy late 90’s early 2000’s influence no doubt but I try to incorporate today as well in it like shit people go through now-a-days but I don’t what that to define me and stay stuck in the past. So I can do anything from old school to new school type of shit. That’s gonna be more evident on my new Project..


Who have been your biggest influences?

First and foremost their my camp Immaculate Taste, they are the one who push me the hardest, who aren’t afraid to tell me nah this is weak re-write and I mean without them I wouldn’t have realized my talent But some of my favorite artists, in no particular order, Kanye West, Curren$y, Lil Wayne, Drake Kendrick Lamar, Wiz, Dom Kennedy, Juvenile and the old Cash Money Squad, Andre 3000, Outkast and The Cool Kids also the early coldplay records, Lana Del Rey, The XX man I could go on…


If you collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?

At this stage of my career, I don’t want to do too many collaborations, I want to first establish myself as a artist, I want to show that I can put out a dope project without relying on other people. But as far as dream collaboration umm it would have to be drake only because he is a sort of chameleon on tracks and that he relates to all types of people and he is actually one of my favorite artists.


You have recently released your debut “EP $ast La V”, if you could change anything about this EP what would it be?

Hmmm, Nothing really I mean I definitely grew as an artist I wrote some of those tracks when I was 15 so the perfectionist in me want to go back and go harder on certain beats , change a few bars and add a couple songs but the tape captured how I felt at the time so I wouldn’t change anything.


What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

Right now I’m working on my second project “MTSYD: Revenge of the African Booty Scratcher” that’s set to be released in May of this year..but other than that just perfecting my craft and shooting videos for songs off of $ay La V. We just released the video to My First Single and be on the lookout for the video to XX.


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