A New Initiative Offering An International Exchange of Music and City Culture.


CITY LOVE is a new initiative that will travel to some of the most culturally rich cities in the world, staging events and collaborating with local talent over THREE DAYS, whilst inviting some of the most exciting UK brands, artists and music lovers to come and share the experience. Offering an alternative to large scale festivals, the project combines quality music and events with the opportunity to explore a new city and its culture and embrace the excitement of the urban sphere. 3 parties, 3 amazing spaces and 3 days to fall in love with the city.


CITY LOVE is exactly that; a love of the urban and the unique output these metropolises have to offer. It presents a new way of travelling for those with a passion for electronic music, offering a draw bridge collaboration between two major cities, which are the hub for the evolution of culture and what shapes a nation’s identity. The electronic and nocturnal activities lead the way, but the desire to seek something further than a party in a foreign land underpins the ethos of the project.

Commencing on the 13th June 2013, CITY LOVE PROJECT 001 celebrates Sonar’s 20th year with three days of standout evens in the jewel of Spain’s crown, Barcelona.  House music pioneers Just Jack lead the way on the Thursday night hosting the opening party.  Established 6 years ago, Just Jack have been instrumental in the rise and rise of the solid Bristol electronic music scene throwing creative parties, dedicated to production with incredible visuals, bespoke décor, mind blowing performance artists and first and foremost, quality music.   Friday afternoon takes things beachside for a party at Surya Beach bar on Nova Marbella beach, running along the promenade of Barcelona’s stunning stretch of palm fringed sands.  Saturday afternoon will welcome City Love Ocean Sessions, a private boat party that charters a stunning luxury catamaran with open bar and BBQ out into the mediterranean waters.  Hailing from Leeds, Flux close things on the Saturday night. Having distinguished themselves with a unique focus on the atmosphere of their parties, they’re sure to make the closing party something to remember.


Both brands are well loved and revered throughout the UK so head to Barcelona to share their ethos further and collaborate with Barcelona based promoters and artists. Full line-ups and venue details will be released in the coming weeks. The events will take place in a range of special locations, with attention to detail in production and aesthetics to ensure a unique and memorable experience. For each project in every new location, CITY LOVE will also facilitate the travel and accommodation logistics via their website, enabling groups of friends to travel hassle free and share the experience together.



THE CITY LOVE PROJECT has chosen The Bottletop Foundation as its partnering charity. Through its creation of unique products such as their stunning range of ring-pull bags, Bottletop empowers over 35,000 young people each year through creative projects that tackle delicate teenage health issues ranging from the prevention of HIV/AIDS and unplanned teenage pregnancy to drug abuse and gender equality. Film, youth newspapers, drama, music and peer education are some of the effective ways that they employ to interest and engage young people.  As a brand, Bottleop are dedicated to design, craftsmanship and culture so fall inline perfectly with the heart and mind of CITY LOVE, creating a strong partnership.

Whilst Barcelona marks the launch of CITY LOVE, this will form a blueprint for the future and evolution of the project, which will tour to a variety of cities worldwide every few months.

CITY LOVE. Love Music. Love Culture.



tickets & booking: www.togetherholidays.net/booking/citylove

facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/The-City-Love

twitter:  twitter.com/TheCityLove1


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