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We Own is a ravishingly exciting brand born from the minds of four excitable 19 year old electronic music lovers, clothes designers and party promoters. It started as a clothes line which caters solely to the dance music market in a stylish, street-wise way like few other brands do, but quickly grew to encompass events around Edinburgh and Aberdeen to promote the line.

Out partying each night of the week, the exceedingly young crew behind the brand have grown it to the point now where huge events are regularly held at very special locations with the likes of Pete Tong, Afrojack, Mightyfools, Carte Blanche, Skream, Benga, TEED, Joker, Shy FX, Breakage and many more playing. Special locations include a city centre shopping centre in Edinburgh: at a recent party, for example, 2500 people packed out the place and were doused in confetti from on high as well as in the superb sounds which came at them from all around.

Say the crew… “Most concert promoters stay in the background and are just businessmen, all about the money. Most artists recognise promoters as a necessary evil. We are a clothing label first and foremost, so we splash our brand everywhere. We try and give the the artists something special to remember, we spoil their managers with gifts, for us it’s a lifestyle with the great benefit of money on the side.

We are also a very young, eclectic group of entrepreneurs and therefore attract a great audience. Musicians love playing their music to new listeners and we provide a platform for that. The artists that come and play for We Own drop all their new material to gauge the reaction from a younger, more music savvy audience.”

The coming months will We Own focus on developing the clothing line as they are already in talks with a major UK retailer, whilst they will also appear at a very special festival this summer (exactly which is still a secret). Autumn, meanwhile, will see We Own look to spread the brand to Dublin, Bristol and Paris by the end of the year, and California, Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town in 2012.

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