Lost Souls: new single / video ‘Black Eyes’ out on January 21


“Their sound is unique in the true sense of the word. Fusing a traditional Brit-rock sound with elements of electronica to create a sound no one has heard on a national scale.” — BBC Introducing 

Lost Souls, an electro-rock’n’roll 5 piece from Lincoln, are releasing a ruthless new track, Black Eyes, with an honourably rebellious art core video to match.

“Our videos are important to us, being descriptive of our songs but always in a way that’s subjective to the listener/viewer. Do we know too much or nowhere near enough? Black Eyes puts the question to you pointing out some observational references that may seem pro conspiracy? Or could they just be word interplay?

“We tend to pitch our collective viewpoint through an abstraction filter, so what we write is suggestive, rather than a force-fed opinion. There are maybe some things you should question about the world around you and there is every reason to pursue the notion that all is not what it looks to be. Don’t be fed every opinion you have. Go out and find your own”

The early Lost Soul’s sound could easily have been described as a postmodern, Manchester-inspired acknowledgement; the electronic influences, as well as the image and language of the band’s key lieutenants often alluded to the 90’s baggy cultural references. It was perhaps the second EP’s title, Hidden In Plain Sight though that gave the game away – this wasn’t just a self styled Manchester influenced band, this was in fact a band with much more clout in song-craft and musical chemistry than they were given credit for.

Lost Souls have since moved away and detached themselves from that place in a very short space of time, quickly picking up fans at their commanding live gigs as well as moving on sonically to a place of their own making, which shows how quickly a band can hit the spot when all the elements come together naturally.

Lost Souls are Sam Warner (vocals), Michael Mckiernan (bass), Tommie Wincott (electronics), Tom Wilkins (drums) & Andy Brown (guitar).

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