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Jamie Jones and his Hot Creations landed in DC10 last Thursday, offering yet another underground option to the discerning clubbers of Playa D’en Bossa. Possibly the hottest label on the planet right now, it promises to deliver a feast of electronic depth throughout its summer residency. Louise Devlin caught week two for essentialibiza…

It’s always been known as the underground club, but DC10 has been disputed by some Ibiza veterans of becoming commercial with the residency of Jamie Jones. Since he was voted the number one DJ of 2011 by a poll done by Resident Advisor, the exposure of the Hot Creations DJ has got bigger in the past year. But with Richie Hawtin´s Enter residency at Space also on Thursday nights, it’s fair to say DC10 has got whatever underground flavour it was accused of losing right back.

While swarms of people on the streets made their way towards Space, and crowds of tourists made their way out of Ushuaïa towards the buses for Amnesia, DC10 was a lot more quieter in comparison. Taking a trip to the former airport hangar often involves getting a taxi, but walking there is a lot more fun and as long as you are not too intoxicated you can stay safe from the traffic whizzing by on the roads directly there. And just to prove a point that DC10 shows strong elements of being an underground club, my friend and I decided to take the shortcut route I thought existed. As at the end of the beach in Playa d’en Bossa there is a long stretch of land, and if you can avoid the private parts of it, you will make your way to DC10 completely off the tried and tested beaten-track.

For the second Paradise at Jamie Jones’ “favourite club in the world”, Anthony Rother, Heartthrob, Robert James and Infinity Ink joined the Hot Creations father for an eight-hour round of deep house and techno. Infinity Ink, with their recent release of the lyrical-infused Infinity on Crosstown Rebels, is made up of long-term friends Ali Love and Luca C. Since they made their debut on Hot Creations with the release of Games, Maceo Plex and Art Department have both done mixes on the track. The pair were on at DC10 from 11 until 1am, not fazed by the half-filled danced floor.

Inspired by the underground master Andrew Weatherall, Robert James has said his style is “all about the groove” and is making 2012 the year to establish himself as a prominent DJ. Loving his residency at Paradise, the London based boy was bobbing around with energy and a fiesty sense of creating an atmosphere and not just music. But it was Anthony Rother who stole the show and had the people dancing on their toes with fascinated delight. And no wonder. Here is a DJ who revels in electronic music with no inhibitions or holding back. Since his first release Sex With The Machines in 1997, the German has set up his own label platform Psi4Net. Not usually associated with Hot Creations, there is a breath of fresh air when DJs from different record labels are friends, and the collaborative element may have not been there, but it’s clear Jamie Jones is a big fan of Rother, having dropped the Rother track ‘Father’ before during his sets.

Jesse Siminski, known as Heartthrob, was snapped up first for Paradise, as he will play again in Ibiza on August 9 for Enter at Richie Hawtin. The Berliner was motivated to please the crowd in the palm-tree decorated club. And yet again did Jamie Jones smash it with some of his hits, but pacing himself for the rest of the 12-week residency he has at DC10.

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