The Garden Festival Croatia 2013 ‘The Next Step’


As 2013 continues to race along, The Garden Festival is proud to announce its next wave of guest names gracing the idyllic Dalmatian coastline this summer. There’s also further exciting news as the Argonaughty and Barbarellas Discotheque crews are revealed too. The Garden Tisno, nestled along the azure Adriatic, is a truly beautiful site which will host global Gardeners seeking a week of fun and adventure, dancing under the sun and star-speckled skies, part of a unique festival and holiday experience in Croatia.

The Garden Festival 2012 from Chris Leete on Vimeo.

The latest live headliners are Metro Area, who bring back the soulful experimentation of the early club classics, mixing live and electronic instruments, segued with Detroit’s cold futurism, Chicago’s abstract track-modes, and the warmth of New York and New Jersey’s deep house. With his debut album Welcome To Mikrosector-50 set to drop early March, cosmic funkster Space Dimension Controller makes a welcome return to The Garden, whose music encompasses techno infused with a large slice of funk, filtered through analogue experimentation. Finally Hot Coins is an estranged homage to late 70s NYC anti-culture, with his album The Damage Is Done just released. The Garden debutant is also known as Red Rack’em, a purveyor of the finest club music from hip hop and soul, through to house and techno. They join live acts including Auntie Flo, Outboxx, Paqua, Land Of Light and Face and Heel.


The new wave of DJ includes a string of debuts at The Garden Festival. House and techno legend Chez Damier leads the new batch of DJ names, the iconic Prescription Records co-founder a man who carries the true soul of house music with him. Dirtybird’s Justin Martin is next up, the San-Fran spinner injecting fun wherever he plays with seriously ass-shaking groove-laden beats. Young producer prodigies Bondax have been wowing everyone from Radio 1 to Redbull, and seminal electronic and eclectic creator Luke Vibert is also a very welcome addition to the party. And after last year’s brilliant RA party at Barbarellas, one man who stood out was Sweden’s Axel Boman, creating one of the most memorable nights of 2012. This year he is back for more. They join recently announced DJ guests including Floating Points, Eats Everything, Thugfucker, Krystal Klear, Theo Parrish, Soul Clap and Wolf and Lamb, Psychemagik, Young Marco, Maurice Fulton, Bicep, Greg Wilson and many more.


Further new names are Tama Sumo, Detroit Swindle, TBD – Justin Vander Volgen & Lee Douglas, Jay Shepheard, Mark Seven, Yam Who, Joakim, Permanent Vacation, Peak and Swift, Mans Ericson, Cedric Maison, Simon Morrell, Josh T, Dan Wild, William Collins, Jogarde, Discomendments, Pete Leung, Jen Kamolwan, Charlie Tarr, Helen Burnip, Jamie Blanco, Steve Cobby, Neil Scott, Galen, Solar, Paul Hutchinson, Sebastian Spring, Patrick Perring, Dash, Last Waltz, Holic, DJ Szett and Add2Basket.


Argonaughty and Barbarellas Discotheque Crews Announced

It has always gone without saying how special the Argonaughty is, voyaging across the glittering Adriatic waters during the afternoon and evening, the twice daily parties an essential part of any Garden experience. And with last year’s site move to Tisno, Barbarellas Discotheque has found a brand new home. It’s an amazing open air space which saw a string of sold-out shows and all night partying in 2012, when the sky turned red and orange and the sun rose across a sea of smiles and hands in the air. The new Barbarellas is an amazing space a short bus ride from The Garden Tisno site. Tickets for Barbarellas go on sale Fri 8th Feb and for The Argonaughty Friday March 1st.

The Argonaughty Boat Parties

Faith on The Argonaughty
Wednesday 3rd July
Stu Patterson / Terry Farley / Dave Jarvis

Louche on The Argonaughty
Thursday 4th July
Brawther / Brinsley Kazak / Josh T

Hidden Agenda on The Argonaughty
Thursday 4th July
Bondax / Hidden Agenda DJs

Futureboogie on The Argonaughty
Friday 5th July
Futureboogie DJs / Christophe

The Pool on The Argonaughty
Friday 5th July
Greg Wilson / Eric Duncan / Matty J and Ben Terry

We Love on The Argonaughty
Saturday 6th July
PBR Streetgang / Mr Doris / Ian Blevins

Resident Advisor on The Argonaughty
Saturday 6th July
Floating Points / Krystal Klear

Crazy P vs El Diablos on The Argonaughty
Sunday 7th July
Crazy P / Neil Diablo

Hypercolour on The Argonaughty
Sunday 7th July
Luke Vibert / Axel Boman / Cedric Maison

Claremont 56 on The Argonaughty
Monday 8th July
Mudd / Idjut Boys

Sunset on The Argonaughty
Monday 8th July
Justin Martin / Eats Everything / Solar and Galen

Wolf Music on The Argonaughty
Tuesday 9th July
Bicep / KRL / Wolf DJs

Under Bron on The Argonaughty
Tuesday 9th July
Genius Of Time / Mans Ericsson & Your Highness (Rollerboys) / DJ Sling / Leo Forsell

Wild Renate on The Argonaughty
Wednesday 10th July
Permanent Vacation / Joakim / Peak and Swift


Barbarellas Discotheque After Parties

Opening Night at Barbarellas
Wednesday 3rd July
Soul Clap / Wolf and Lamb

Just Jack at Barbarellas
Thursday 4th July
Chez Damier / Jay Shepheard / Dan Wild / Tom Rio

Beats in Space at Barbarellas
Friday 5th July
Tim Sweeney / Eric Duncan / Tiago / TBD Justin Vander Volgen & Lee Douglas

Resident Advisor at Barbarellas
Saturday 6th July
Floating Points / Thugfucker / Krystal Klear

Futureboogie at Barbarellas
Sunday 7th July
Maxxi Soundsystem / Crazy P / Futureboogie DJs

Tief at Barbarellas
Monday 8th July
Bicep / Casino Times / Hessletime

Leftfoot at Barbarellas
Tuesday 9th July
Theo Parrish / Adam Regan / Bobby Beige / Dean Smith

The Garden Festival vs Electric Elephant at Barbarellas
Wednesday 10th July
Very special guest TBC

The Garden Festival 2013
Weds 3rd – Weds 10th July 2013
@ The Garden Tisno, Petrica Glava 34, 22240, Tisno, Croatia

Live acts in alphabetical order: Auntie Flo, Crazy P, Face and Heel, Hot Coins, Land Of Light, Metro Area, Outboxx, Paqua, Sin Cos Tan, Space Dimension Controller. DJs in alphabetical order: Add2basket, Adam Regan, Axel Boman, Baby G, Bad Passion Project, Bicep, Bobby Beige, Bondax, Bootsy, Brawther, Brinsley Kazak, Casino Times, Cedric Maison, Charlie Tarr, Chez Damier, Christophe, Crazy P, Dan Wild, Dash, Dave Jarvis, Dean Sunshine Smith, Deep Space Orchestra, Discomendments, Detroit Swindle, DJ Nature, DJ Sling, DJ Szett, Eats Everything, El Harvo, Eric Duncan, Feel The Real, Felix Dickinson, Floating Points, Galen, Genius of Time, Greg Wilson, Helen Burnip, Hesseltime, Holic, Huxley, Ian Blevins, Idjut Boys, James Holroyd, Jamie Blanco, Jay Shepheard, Jen Kamolwan, Joakim, Joe 90, Jogarde, Josh T, Justin Martin, KRL, Krystal Klear, Last Waltz, Leo Forsell, Luke Vibert, Mans Ericsson (Rollerboys), Mark Seven, Maurice Fulton, Maxxi Soundsystem, Mr Doris, Mudd, Neil Diablo, Nicola Conte, No Fakin, Ole Smokey, Paddy Freeform, Patrick Perring, Paul Hutchinson, PBR Streetgang, Peak and Swift, Permanent Vacation, Pete Leung, Phat Phil Cooper/Nu Northern Soul, Psychemagik, Sebastian Spring, Simon Morrell, Solar, Somethinksounds, Soul Clap, Steve Cobby, Stu Patterson, Tama Sumo, TBD – Justin Vander Volgen & Lee Douglas, Terry Farley, Theo Parrish, Thugfucker, Tiago, Tim Sweeney, Toby Tobias, Tom Rio, William Collins, Wolf and Lamb, Wolf Music, Yam Who, Young Marco, Your Highness (Rollerboys).

Tickets: £105


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